Philip G. Zimbardo

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With guidance from expert HIP Trainers and Educators, tens of thousands of people around the world have already gained essential skills for heroism such as situational awareness, self-efficacy, values-driven decision-making, and social resilience. These skills help individuals harness their heroic potential and take effective action in challenging situations.

Shyness Home Page

Shyness and social phobia do not have to interfere with achieving professional and interpersonal goals. The pain of shyness can be relieved by challenging automatic thoughts and beliefs, and learning new behaviors. This page is a gathering of network resources for people seeking information and services for shyness.

The Time Paradox | The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life

Welcome to The Time Paradox , a new book by Philip Zimbardo & John Boyd. The Time Paradox is not a single paradox but a series of paradoxes that shape our lives and our destinies.